It feels like no one is listening to me and I need help getting my views across

When decisions are being made about your care and treatment, it’s important people put your views and wishes at the centre of those decisions. An advocate can help you have a voice and be heard. They can be by your side, and on your side – particularly if you don’t always feel confident to speak for yourself, or you find it difficult to be involved.


You work with an advocate, they can go through any information you’ve been given, talk you through the options open to you, help you decide what you want, and then communicate this to the right people. This is particularly useful if you’re finding it hard to understand your care and support, or express the things that are important to you.

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You’re looking for support to have your say and be heard, there are self-advocacy resources and tips available. These include help to build your skills and confidence, dos and don’ts of effective communication, and groups that you can join to hear how others have achieved their goals.

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The advocacy process

Learn more about the process – from getting in touch to meeting your advocate and creating an advocacy plan.

More about the advocacy process


Self-help resources

Get support for yourself, a family member or someone you care for.

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